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What are Gollmann pharmacy robots?

Learn about the operation and all aspects of the Gollmann pharmacy robot!

Gollmann Robots - reliable support at work.

Gollmann is a company that offers innovative automated dispensing systems designed to ensure maximum safety and accuracy in the dispensing process. Using the latest technology and software, the robots can effectively identify and read data from the product, minimizing the risk of dispensing errors.

Gollmann pharmacy robots are very easy to use, have an intuitive system and do not require specialized technical knowledge. As a result, pharmacy staff can focus on serving customers and providing expert advice, instead of spending time manually dispensing drugs.

It’s also worth noting that the robots are fully compatible with Kamsoft’s pharmacy system, so there are no complicated processes required once the robot is installed in your pharmacy.

Why should you consider buying a robot?

Gollmann pharmacy robots are first of all a guarantee of professionalism and quality of patient service. Thanks to our solutions, the dispensing process is faster and more precise, which increases the level of patient satisfaction and affects the development of your pharmacy.

Issuing medicines according to expiration dates

The robot prioritizes the dispensing of products according to expiration dates, making it possible to sell medicines efficiently.

Makes sales process structures more efficient

Additional time to talk to the patient contributes to optimizing sales processes.

Quick inventory of stock

The robot enables quick inventory through total control of stock.

Saving time resources

With the robot serving products directly to the first table, patients do not have to wait, which contributes to time savings.

Additional space possibilities

Możliwość dostosowania robota do apteki (ponad 1000 konfiguracji rozmiarów robota) umożliwia dodatkowe możliwości przestrzenne.

Optimizes storage systems

The robot stores between 4,000 and 58,000 drug packages in a small area, optimizing storage systems.

See the robot live!

We encourage you to book a reference visit to learn about our pharmacy robot and see how it works live. Our team will be happy to show you how the robot works and how it can improve the efficiency and productivity of your pharmacy. Contact our specialist to schedule a reference visit in Poland or abroad!

How does the pharmacy robot work?

The Gollmann pharmacy robot is an advanced device that works on the principle of automation. After the prescription is entered into the system, the robot independently searches for and retrieves the appropriate products from the warehouse, and then prepares them for dispensing to the patient.


When starting the process of filling a prescription, the pharmacist enters it into the system.


The pharmacist determines the number of packages to fulfill the order and makes a request to dispense the drug.


Pharmacy robot Gollmann gets to work and searches for the needed drug.


The robot transmits the drug to the transport belt, from where it goes to the appropriate dispensing point.


The pharmacist retrieves the drug from the dispensing point, performs a final verification and dispenses the drug to the patient.


After dispensing the drug, the pharmacist fiscalizes the receipt, completing the transaction.

Get acquainted with the operation of the Gollmann robot!

The following videos illustrate the operation of the Gollmann pharmacy robot, which will give you a better understanding of how it works.

Customize the robot for your individual needs!

Choose the model, size, color and additional configuration options and create the perfect device for you!

Use the configurator!

With our tool, you have more than 1,000 options for configuring your Gollmann pharmacy robot, which include dimensions: length, width and height. This allows you to customize the robot to meet the requirements of your pharmacy and ensure maximum efficiency in your work. Our Gollmann pharmacy robot will not only provide your pharmacy with maximum efficiency, but also safety and reliability.

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